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At Akiva, Jewish Studies is taught as an integral part of the child’s whole learning at school.  The class teachers deliver the Jewish Studies curriculum supported by specialist teachers within the school.  As an inclusive Progressive Jewish school our curriculum and our approach to Judaism reflects our values.

Opportunities are taken wherever possible to integrate aspects of Jewish studies with other areas of the curriculum and the links made are both strong and meaningful.  For example the yr 5 children learn about the Jewish East End as one of their history topics.  As part of their topic on light and dark, year 1 look at all the different candles that are used within Judaism.  Children also receive a discrete Jewish Studies lesson from their class teachers and the topics covered are laid out with the rest of the curriculum information.  These cover Jewish heritage, culture, observance and around Yom Ha’atzmaut the topics throughout the school are focused on Israel.  The children participate in a ‘Shiur Torah’ lesson each week.  For Reception and Key Stage 1 children this involves looking at the weekly Torah portion whereas Key Stage 2 children work according to half termly modules allowing them to go further into depth of a text.

Each class has Shacharit most mornings of the week.  In Reception and Key Stage 1 the children develop an individualised siddur which they then celebrate in our ‘Chagigat Siddur’ at the end of Year 2.  In Key Stage 2 the children use ‘Siddur Shelanu’ which was put together purposefully for children of this age.

 We take much enjoyment throughout the year of celebrating all the festivals.  The children work on a spiral curriculum for each festival ensuring that their learning develops as they move through the years.  We share our learning and celebrations with parents, local Rabbis and children of other faiths from our local schools.  Parents participate in learning activities with their children and celebrate together.

To gain an excellent picture of our Jewish Studies provision also read our Pikuach Report.